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Search Engine Marketing Services

coming soon - more info, case studies, customer testimonies......and our new, simple marketing plan!

Monthly Marketing: $300/month Complete SEO Management Service

Great results with both SEO Marketing Plans. Check back soon for more info - we are updating our website (finally).
More details should be available by November 1, 2011.....

search engine optimization marketing services

Optimization to Meet Your Business Needs

While Super Biz Hero can handle ALL of your search engine marketing needs; one our core beliefs is that web sites should strive for a focused and targeted, and natural market search engine placement. We will help your site achieve stronger than ever natural placement on the search engines.

"We Built Our Web Site....Where Are New Clients / Sales???"

Search engine marketing and search engine optimization are now absolutely critical if you're serious about conducting business online. Our proven process ensures that you not only get more visitors to your site, but you also receive more sales, inquiries, new clients, and dealers for your products / services.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the importance of new sales leads and inquiries. We optimize web sites with overall branding with a focus on sales.

Ongoing optimization: Remember, web site optimization is not a one time process. By following a consistent program of monthly optimization, monitoring and submissions, you can not only achieve top rankings, you can hold on to them!

traffic conversion specialists
We focus on sales, not just traffic

Search Engine Marketing vs Search Engine Optimization -
How It Is Different

Our goal is not just to provide more traffic to your sites. Our approach is to brand your company and the authority in your market. We ensure each page of your site presents this to your visitors, giving them confidence in you and encouraging them to contact you for more information or to purchase immediately.

By integrating your web site into your overall marketing plan, you can ensure maximum success online. We assist you in updating the content of your site to reflect your current business offerings and make them attractive for everyone from enthusiasts to the casual web surfer. Converting the casual surfer into a new client is our specialty.

Super Biz Hero provides an array of web site optimization services, depending on your exact need. Every web site is different and unique in its own way; your site is the same way. You require specific attention based on your needs alone. That's why we've built a comprehensive list of web site optimization functions that will meet just about any need you have.


Our Approach

Optimization of Complex Site Structures – Super Biz Hero has extensive experience optimizing complicated sites. Our team is extremely talented in optimizing custom application development projects in various languages such as ASP, Cold Fusion, and PHP to name a few. Our optimization approach will be 100% void of cloaking or spamming of any kind. Our Process will include hand coded customized page or template optimization. Using our methods, we will optimize design templates targeted for the most complicated content management systems written in any language.

Customized Solutions – We understand that optimization is only a piece of an overall Web marketing and advertising campaign. Super Biz Hero pays attention to the “bigger picture” of your business. We take the time to understand your industry, we listen to your needs, and we align our optimization solution with your business goals.

Super Biz Hero employs a variety of services, and we customize our campaigns based on your business needs. We offer Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management, and Power Link Popularity (PLP) services, while reducing non-targeted traffic. We will consult with you about how to make your web site more visible to the search engines. There are site architectural and design changes that should be considered to help optimize the visibility on the major search engines.


Comprehensive Submission Services

We steadily monitor trends of web surfers to help ensure our efforts return maximum results. Knowing your target markets and resources is a key component to ensuring your success online.

Web Traffic Market Share

Google: Shows searches at any Google-owned web site such as Google.com or Google Image Search.

Yahoo: Shows searches at any Yahoo-owned web site including those of AltaVista, AllTheWeb and Overture. May show searches at some Google partners that show Google's domain in the URLs of their search results, as happens with Go.com.

MSN: Shows searches at any MSN-operated web site such as MSN Search.

AOL: Shows searches at any Time Warner-owned web site, including AOL Search and Netscape Search.

Ask: Shows searches at Ask and any site within the Ask-owned Excite Network, including Excite, iWon, MyWay.com and My Web Search.

search engine comparission
We focus on sales, not just traffic

Our Submission Approach

Super Biz Hero constantly analyzes submission requirements and restrictions to ensure your site does not violate policies set by each individual search engine. While following these rules outlined by each engine and directory, we announce your site as frequently as allowed. By announcing your site consistently over time, search engines realize that your site is still active and contains fresh content that visitors will enjoy reviewing.

Directory Submissions and Vertical Sites

Along with normal search engines, we also hand submit your site to many directories and other posting sites. Listings in these directories increase your importance with the major search engines as well as make your site available to more visitors. Our copyright division will also create vertical sites to increase product awareness as well as generating targeted traffic for your web site.


Web Site Ranking and Monitoring

Our seo team keeps track of your site rankings by monitoring some of the main search engines. We provide reports on progress in a few different ways.

Online Traffic Conversion & SEO Terms Tracking

We deploy our online Traffic Tracker which allows management to easily view what exactly is happening with your site. Real-time tracking reports show the number of visitors that have accessed your site via search engines, the exact search phrases visitors typed to reach your site, and the number of conversions made from these online visitors.

Conversions: Conversions may be actual sales or may be identified when a visitor fills out an online form to request more information about a product or service.

traffic conversion specialists
We focus on sales, not just traffic

Monthly Ranking Reports

Super Biz Hero also tracks the progress of your selected key search phrases. On a monthly basis, your web site and management teams will meet with one of our account executive will review the current ranking progress along with other tracking data and reports. Throughout the entire project, our team of experts is available to answer questions, assist in marketing strategies, and ensure your success online.

website traffic statisticss

Web Site Optimization

Web site optimization and search engine optimization are far more than just submitting a web site to a search engine. In fact, web site optimization is probably the most critical of all the web design and implementation processes. The terms search engine optimization and web site optimization are basically synonymous. The goal is to create a web site that presents search engines with what they want and visitors with relevant information.

Web Site Optimization is the systematic review and enhancement of web site pages so they:

  • Conform to search engine protocol
  • Establish your site as an authority on a particular subject
  • Build brand awareness within your specific business market

In order to attract highly qualified traffic, your web pages must be properly built, optimized, and managed carefully. Improved search engine rankings is not an accident; it's a systematic, planned approach to market relevancy. Today's search engines are constantly changing algorithms to deliver the most accurate search results to the end user. If your site is properly optimized, based on your specific industry, and it conforms to search engine protocol, you can reach targeted prospects with pinpoint accuracy.

web page optimization code
We optimize each page individually

Super Biz Hero will work with you to provide a complete understanding of why web site optimization is necessary to achieve and maintain top search engine rankings. The purpose and goal of optimization is to have your web site located in the top results positions on the major search engines and directories for your desired keyword phrases. Top positions mean an increase in inquiries and sales leads which will lead to more income.

You will have a huge advantage over your competition with Super Biz Hero as your web site optimization partner. We ensure each page of your site is optimized for a select few keywords. Top rankings are achieved when your site is clearly relevant and key phrase rich for a particular search term.

Proper web site optimization will include a comprehensive review of each page of your site covering:

  • Page content
  • Page format
  • Page titles
  • Meta tag information
  • Graphics text
  • Link text
  • Site navigation

The physical process of making page changes involves actively working on the HTML code for each page of your site. Our team of search engine experts will modify each page of your existing site to optimize each of the above key points. When done properly, web site optimization is an ongoing program which takes into account changes in search engine protocols, as well as changes in your site and business focus.

Once your site is properly optimized for a particular search engine, that information must be submitted to the search engine in order to be indexed in their database. A regular, consistent program of page submissions must be implemented to achieve and maintain top ranking search engine positions.




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