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If you need remote assistance, you will need to contact us for additional information. We currently mainly deal with Windows XP for remote maintenance, but do have the ability to connect to computers running any version of windows, mac, or linux.

Computer Resources, Tips, & Tricks

Joomla Manuals

Video - Set Contact Info in Joomla

Video - Add/Change Content in Joomla

Video - Joomla Administrator Console

Video - Joomla / ZenCart

Web Site Terms Glossary

Setting up Outlook Express Email

Setting up Microsoft Outlook Email

Setting up Netscape Communicator Email

Editing and Resizing Photos

Why You Need a Web Site

Video - Great Free Web Editing Software - and How To Use It Tutorial

Video - Great Free FTP Program - and How To Use It Tutorial


Low-Cost Software
We pride ourselves on creating secure and stable solutions without taxing your budget greatly. We do have low or no-cost alternatives that may serve as a replacement for many of the premium software applications we provide (like Microsoft Word and Excel). Contact a representative today to request more information about these alternatives.


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